You may be curious about trying coaching but not know where to start, you may have a sense that you’d benefit though you’re not sure how. You may be clear what you want from it, but unsure about the style of coach and coaching to select.

We're just as keen as you to see if the chemistry is right and help you decide if our skills or approach might suit your needs. One good way to check that out is to email or phone for an informal chat …


What is coaching?

At its most basic, it’s a series of purposeful conversations that bring about change. A problem solving partnership where You set the agenda, We use our skills and ingenuity to lead you through 3 Broad stages: Exploring, Understanding, Action.

I am an Occupational Psychologist with experience in industrial HR, careers work, counselling and project management. I work with a group of coaches selected as a ‘World Class’ by the NHS Institute to coach Chief Executives, Chairs and Directors in the Health Service. We each have our own unique approach but we share the experience of working with people at the highest levels in complex organisations.


“You are very good at picking up on significant points and putting me on the spot”


My approach:

The coach provides a framework and we work together to bring about the changes you seek. Once we understand you and your context, we steer the process helping you to reflect and analyse, examine different perspectives and learn new skills. We would work on real situations that may include:


  • Improving your leadership skills
  • Leadership and change management
  • Navigating organisational politics
  • Managing as a maverick

Personal Impact

  • Changing unproductive patterns of thinking and behaviour
  • Increasing your impact, influence and self confidence
  • Speaking effectively and succinctly at meetings
  • Thinking differently about yourself and your role


  • Communicating and interacting more powerfully
  • Handling conflict more productively
  • Changing the way you interpret actions and situations
  • Understanding other people better
  • Difficult conversations with colleagues


  • Changing your role or career,
  • Raising your profile or raising your game
  • Improving your CV and Interview skills
  • Preparing and rehearsing for interviews and presentations

Our role is to help you to gain insights, discover different ways of operating, and broaden your range of skills and behaviours.


A manager frustrated those who worked for him by being too ‘available’. He and his staff were overworked and the whole department was less effective as a consequence. Over 4 sessions he learned to manage in a more ‘hands’ off way, became more succinct and focused in his communications and used his time more effectively.

This had a positive effect to those who worked for him and encouraged others to take more personal responsibility rather than pushing things ‘up the line’ all the time.


“What tenacity you have and what a
powerful business proposition that is”

We work both face to face and by telephone. We would probably agree tasks to be done between sessions, because much of the real work happens then.


A client needed to become more assertive and ‘managerial’ with her own team, several of whom were strong characters liable to sabotage. We worked on techniques for her to ‘inhabit’ her role more comfortably through non verbal, cognitive and communication techniques. I provided materials and references on influencing styles and we rehearsed alternative ways of tackling typical interactions.

Several months on, she is thinking and behaving more confidently, staff treat her with more respect and she keeps one step ahead of the saboteurs.


Previous clients

We work with organisations and individuals who need perceptive, powerful and supportive coaching. We are supervised both individually and as part of a group of NHS Coaches. Other clients include senior staff in the civil service, fund management, energy and brewing.


Contact Cath King for an informal discussion to help you decide if InPsych's skills and approach might suit your needs. Cath has a particular interest in coaching Mavericks.


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“I knew I needed to hook up with someone strong enough to push back against my well ingrained behaviours and reactions from a relaxed and encouraging stance"

“Once again, many thanks for your help and for putting me back together again-hopefully reconstructed in better form than previously!”

“In our last meeting you made me confront the issues and I thought coming to that conclusion after just four sessions was cleverly achieved”

“Whilst I know you had a lot of other work at the time I always felt you had time for me and that you weren’t waiting to rush off to your next meeting- a condition all too prevalent in today’s working environment”

"My sessions with Cath were exacting and her views and suggestions really helpful"

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