When I started coaching I began to realise that most of my clients were somehow ‘non mainstream’. I enjoyed the challenge of working with these people as they grappled with some of the dilemmas of being fiercely independent, often creative spirits seeking to survive in conventional environments.


Having since encountered mavericks in many guises and various walks of life, they tell me I understand their dilemmas and have helpful insights to offer them. I enjoy coaching mavericks and was persuaded by Paul Pinson of Bright Space to develop a collaborative programme especially for those who share the Maverick Spirit.


What is it?

A 6 month coaching programme for independent and entrepreneurial individuals needing to examine their direction, identify and pursue new goals, unearth possibilities or survive as a maverick in mainstream business.


How is it different?

  • It is a unique, bespoke programme catering for the spirit, methods, and values of mavericks.
  • It is a collaboratively designed journey - the planning is detailed, the journey is fluid.
  • It is run by and for mavericks using tools and methods from business psychology and international theatre.

What does it involve?

We use Coaching and experiential techniques to help you develop new skills and manage some of these difficult interfaces. It may involve role play, presentation, voice / body work, dancing, drumming, clowning, and more! We aim for lasting impact and sustainable change.

It is for Individual Mavericks needing:

  • A critical friend / collaborator
  • Time to reflect, think, reality check
  • Support through change
  • New skills
  • Understanding of non-mavericks

Organisations needing:

  • To get the best from their mavericks
  • Better functioning teams
  • Support through times of organisational change
  • Development for future leaders or key employees

Who are we?

The Maverick Programme is run by Cath in conjunction with Paul Pinson from


We share the maverick spirit, drive and thinking, and enjoy, recognise and celebrate it in others.



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"I felt supported through what could otherwise have been an uncomfortable leap of faith for someone so fiercely independent”

“ I just wanted to thank you both again for everything yesterday. You motivated us all to be first class mavericks. Everyone found it encouraging and confidence building – anything that achieves that is gold dust!”

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