Managing Change and Stress

Many people find they need help in dealing with the speed, pace and demands of the 21st century and the delicate balance between making a living and having a life.

  • Creating time to lead purposefully rather than reactively
  • Finding ways to work smarter,
  • Balancing the demands of home and work,
  • Feeling in control of a busy schedule
  • Maintaining wellbeing and resilience.

The Inpsych Approach

If these pressures affect you there are several ways I might be able to help.

I provide workshops on organisational, individual and management aspects of Change and Stress, looking at practical ways of balancing demands and resources. I encourage participants to make informed and sometimes difficult choices about changing their thinking, expectations and behaviour. Sometimes a shift in thinking or a different perspective on a situation can be helpful. I favour techniques that enable people to influence their customary ways of thinking, drawing on Cognitive Behavioural techniques.

“I like the questions you make me ask myself. I will miss your gentle bullying”

I offer tailored workshops to a diverse range of organisations including The Ministry of defence, Sun Microsystems, Motorola, NHS Education Scotland, and several cohorts of newly - qualified dentists from Dundee University.

One to one coaching – examining specific aspects of your life or lifestyle which may be out of balance. This may require you to make difficult choices and changes with my support.


“I approached Cath following an unfortunate experience which had left me feeling inadequate and angry. I wanted to get over those feelings and move forward.

Cath addressed the specific issues I had with great directness and led me forward, considering options, acknowledging existing skills and discussing whether and how these could be filled. I found her to be perceptive and she often amazed me by remembering some small detail I had mentioned.

She is relaxed and easy to talk to. I trusted her and respected her professionalism.”


As a Psychologist I have considerable knowledge about stress, wellbeing and resilience. I have been influenced by the work of Martin Seligman and other leading thinkers in the field of wellbeing and happiness. I am familiar with legislation relating to Stress and its relationship to good management practices.

Contact me for an informal discussion to help you decide if my skills and approach might suit your needs.



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“The workshops Cath ran made all the difference to the way staff coped with these changes.

People are feeling more resourceful and beginning to see that they have choices about managing their own responses”

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