Working in teams can be productive and fun but it may not always be straightforward. It may require fitting in with people you don’t have much in common with, inheriting another leader’s team, or finding common ways of working that feel artificial and compromising.

Teams often need help to:

  • Make the most of individual talents
  • Improve interactions
  • Surface tensions and tackle conflict.
  • Perform at their best

The Inpsych Approach

I work with very disparate teams, some have a specific purpose in mind and some have a vague sense that things could be different. Each time I ‘craft’ a process to enable them deal with or discover whatever is holding them back. I may work directly with the team or through the leader and work may be short term or ongoing.

"Your well developed sessions created a team dynamic and helped the probationer teachers become more confident with their roles and with each other.”


A business team felt that they weren’t making the best of their individual talents and this was affecting the way they were perceived by their customers.I worked with the team leader, interviewed everyone individually and devised a half day session that refocused the team.

“You would be very pleased to see the improvement. I am delighted at the change in everyone’s attitudes. It was a lot of hard work on everyone’s part but it has been worth it. We are really working as a team and gradually everyone is beginning to recognise each others strengths and accept that these are not a threat but on many occasions a real help”


I respond to the needs of each team and take a creative approach, using techniques and methods will help that team achieve the outcome/s they are seeking. I have developed a model for working with teams that analyses current team climate and functioning identifies where work should be directed, offers practical tools to bringing about changes in chosen areas. This model underpins the ‘Team Coaching’ module I regularly deliver at Strathclyde University through CFM consulting.

In another team 2 factions had formed when key members fell out. Management were increasingly getting pulled into decisions over trivial and time wasting matters previously handled by the group. Using information gathered through structured interviews I set up 2 half day sessions to acknowledge grievances, unlock the conflict and rebuild trust. There was an immediate improvement between the sessions and this has been sustained over time.

“The department is more integrated, relationships are better. I am delighted that the improvement has been sustained and it’s now a much more pleasant place to work”


Established and successful teams may find they need help to adapt to changes in their roles or accountabilities


A hospital-based group of Psychiatrists were moving to community-based multi disciplinary teams. I used a 1 day team building session to build trust and develop a shared approach, using a mix of visual and small group activities. The afternoon was spent making a video using Andy Dean's expertise, where half the group became actors and the other half the production team.

Needless to say, the outcome was “greater mutual appreciation, fun, hard work and a shared experience with lasting benefits”

I have a particular interest in working with remote teams, using a model developed in collaboration with D Atkinson Associates.


Contact me for an informal discussion to help you decide if my skills and approach might suit your needs.


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“Cath conceptualised and handled a process which had to meet several agendas in an unusual environment. She delivered a challenging and thought provoking one day process which led to concrete outcomes and real change”

“All in all it was a long, hard, but productive day. We have agreed some very tangible steps that will help us generate a better sense of leadership and coherence across the Division”

“Most valuable awayday I have had since joining DWP”

"Cath gave us chance to really explore issues, without letting them run on too long or close them down too soon”

“ even bigger thank you to Cath - a huge investment of your time and your commitment to helping us work together better as a team has, I hope, paid off today”

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